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For over 20 years, locally owned and operated Wiggins Painting has been providing residential and commercial interior painting to Vancouver, Camas, Battle Ground and surrounding communities in Washington state. From painting living rooms to bedrooms to kitchen cabinets, we are a full service painting company.

We do it all from moving furniture before we start to repairing drywall and woodwork for a high quality finish. When you call Wiggins, you won’t have to make arrangements for minor repairs as our staff is qualified to do light carpentry work. Our goal is to make the process as stress free for Vancouver homeowners as possible so contact us for your free estimate.

Now offering eco-green low odor paint.

Many people put off interior painting projects because they are worried about the smell during and immediately after the painting. We understand your concerns and now offer VOC paint (volatile organic compound) or more commonly called low odor paint. If you have children or just sensitive to odors, you have no reason to put off your project. Simply tell us when we meet for your free estimate that you prefer the eco-green or VOC paint.

Prep work = quality paint job

Just like exterior painting, preparation is a vital step to guarantee a long lasting interior paint job. Before starting any work, any area not being painted will be masked, such as floors, windows, doors and hardware. Electrical faceplates will be removed and light fixtures will be removed or covered.

Your furnishings will be removed from the area or covered and other areas of the house will be sheltered from the work area. Wiggins Painting provides free estimates for your project.

Painting Process

Our experienced staff knows that the wall or area to be painted must start with a good foundation. This means the surface must be repaired before starting any painting so any loose paint is removed, holes are filled and sanded, uneven texture is mended and the entire surface is cleaned.

Time to prime

Now, the area is ready for priming. A primer is necessary so the paint will bond to the surface and the result is a more durable and longer lasting finish. A high quality paint is then applied following the manufacturer's specifications.

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Not only is your estimate free, but we'll give you a Starbucks gift card just for allowing us the privilege of giving you a quote for your painting project.

Call us today for your FREE, detailed painting estimate and Starbucks gift card.

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Interior Woodwork

The trim, such as the baseboard, door jams and crown moulding is likely the highlight of the room and therefore, should be given extra attention to get the job done right. This is one area where having an experienced staff can make the difference between a so-so job and exceptional results.

Imperfections will be patched; surface will be sanded, cleaned and primed in preparation for the painting or staining. As with all our work, our staff takes the appropriate measures to ensure a quality product and never cuts corners. We have a reputation of which we are proud and work to improve it every day.

$125.00 Special!
kitchen painting special

Kitchen or bathroom (walls only) for $125.00 with 3 rooms at regular price. Satin paint included!

To qualify, you must call and ask for the winter special or fill out our contact form.

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Free Estimates

All customers are given free estimates with detailed job descriptions so you know the price before any work is done.

We stand by our written estimates as long as the scope of the job does not change. If you make changes, Wiggins Painting, Inc. will issue a new estimate based on the adjustments to the project.

Interior Painting Services

“I live in Vancouver, WA and have a rental in Tacoma I wished to have painted for resell. I had no clue what the average cost should be or what to look for in a good painter. . .

I called WIGGINS PAINTING and I got all my questions answered . . I do recommend this company for your house. I knew I would hire him within the first minute, because I knew he knew his business!

I was very impressed that a company is so helpful . . . There are good people out there, we just need to find them!”

Kathleen - Vancouver, WA

Always communicating

It is our intention to keep an open line of communication between our staff and our customers, as this is the best way to ensure a satisfied client.