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Case Study in Vancouver, WA

Vancouver case study for our special 2-coat process

The first row of pictures show the start of the system as we spray on the pink color for the 1st coat. The top coat (2nd coat) will be a slate blue as the customer is staying with the original color so you’ll see the house go all pink and then back to blue again as the 2nd coat is applied.

Special note about this project: Before starting the painting process, we replaced the siding on the south and west sides of the house.

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Wiggins Painting Wiggins Painting Wiggins Painting Wiggins Painting Wiggins Painting Wiggins Painting

Looking for an exterior paint job for your home that’ll last?

Wiggins Painting

Wiggins Painting is the only company in the Portland-Vancouver area that uses a unique 2-coat paint system to insure maximum coverage that will endure the elements of the Pacific NW. Located in Vancouver Washington, Wiggins Painting provides professional painting services to the Portland Oregon metro area as well as Vancouver and surrounding Washington communities.

Why use 2 coats of paint?

Depending on the condition of a home’s exterior, we may recommend two coats of paint or the customer may request 2 coats for better durability. You see, a 2-coat system doesn’t just look better; the additional coat provides a more durable seal and stronger barrier against the elements. While 2 coats cost more, it’s worth the investment as the paint job may last twice as long as a single coat.

Special 2-coat exterior painting process

When applying two coats of paint on the exterior of a house, you want both coats to be of maximum thickness so over the years, we have developed our own process for ensuring the perfect thickness. The 1st coat is the opposite color of the finished coat, which is done using mis-tint or off-color paint. While this may sound strange, it ensures the exterior surface of your home will receive the best coverage and maximum thickness for a long lasting paint job.

Why is this method better?

Most paint companies out there use the same color for both coats though when you do this, it is almost impossible to see where you’ve sprayed as the color is the same.

In addition, the 2nd coat (or top coat) has a tendency to go on faster as the surface doesn’t absorb as much paint and when the color is the same, you will (on average) use 5 gallons less per job. Do the math-this means the second coat is not as thick as it should be.

Our 2-coat painting process uses an opposite color for the 1st coat as covering a different color requires more paint and makes it easier to paint as you can see exactly where the color was applied. In addition, it ensures the second coat is the same thickness as the first coat as it’s much harder to cover an opposing color so paint consumption is far greater than using the same color for both coats.

It’s our fool-proof way to guarantee both coats are of maximum thickness for the greatest coverage.