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Locally owned and operated, Wiggins Painting has been painting houses in Vancouver Washington for over 20 years. As a full service painting company, we offer exterior painting for all types of houses, from 2-story historic homes to ranches to homes that need siding or trim replaced before painting can begin. Our employees are qualified to make home repairs so call us as we're the company that can do it all.

Our 2-coat house painting is durable

House painting is an investment and most Vancouver homeowners want a painting job that will last as long as possible. With that in mind, we developed our unique 2-coat painting ystem, which is different than other painting companies in the area.

What’s the Wiggins’ difference?

Instead of applying 2 coats of the same color, we use two different colors. Why? Because it takes more paint to cover contrasting colors so each coat of paint is of the same thickness. If we used the same color for each coat, the 2nd coat would be much thinner. The result would be a paint job that is less durable as it won’t stand up as well to our harsh NW weather conditions.

Check out this Vancouver case study of our 2-coat painting system to see photos of the entire process. When contact us for your free estimate and be sure to ask about our FREE driveway and sidewalk hydro-scrub when booking your exterior painting job with us.

We don't cut corners

By far, the most critical step in painting any exterior surface, is preparing the surface for the paint or stain. This is why the staff at Wiggins Painting, Inc. is very diligent in preparing the surface so the paint will have the proper foundation and therefore, last longer.

During the crucial prepping stage, if we find any evidence of dry rot or structural damage, we'll bring it to your attention and make sure the situation is fixed before continuing on with the project.

The actual painting of the house takes far less time than the preparation and this is the area where many other companies cut corners. If you receive a bid that is significantly lower than other painting companies, you need to find out exactly what the estimate covers. Many times items such as power washing the house might be an extra charge or simply skipped all together.

You’ll love our free detailed estimates

Our free estimates includes an itemized list of the work to be done and all the materials needed to complete your project. With such a comprehensive list, our estimates are usually right on the money, which means there won’t be any surprises halfway through your painting job. You’ll like knowing exactly what’s going to be done and when.

Remember, the paint job on your home will last longer if proper techniques are used, thereby, costing you less in the long run.

Get your free coffee now.

Not only is your estimate free, but we'll give you a Starbucks gift card just for allowing us the privilege of giving you a quote for your painting project.

Call us today for your FREE, detailed painting estimate and Starbucks gift card.

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More Than Painting...

Deck Restorations

The team at Wiggins Painting, Inc. uses hydro scrub technology to cleaning redwood and cedar decks. This process is used primarily because it is the safest way to clean dirt and strip away old sealants and stains from the surface without damaging the wood.

Once the surface has been properly cleaned and prepared, our staff will apply your choice of stain or sealant on the surface.

Power washing

Spruce up the exterior of your house or outdoor areas by simply hiring our staff to power wash our home and concrete surfaces. Wiggins Painting, Inc. offers power washing of vinyl siding, concrete walks, patios and driveways.

Current Special!
Driveway hydr-scrub special

FREE driveway and sidewalk hydro-scrub with exterior painting. You save $125.00!

To qualify, you must call and ask for the hydro-scrub special or fill out our contact form.

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Preparations for a long lasting exterior paint job

  • Pressure wash the house to remove mildew and grime
  • Hand-wash all hard to reach areas.
  • Scrape all loose or peeling paint.
  • Sand any rough edges or areas.
  • Caulk all splits in wood and cracks by windows and doors.
  • Prime all bare wood with high quality exterior primer.
  • Cover all vegetation to protect against damage.
  • Mask all windows, lights and any areas not to be painted.
  • Rusted metal is spot-primed with rust primer.
After prep ...

Once the prep work is complete, high quality paint is applied according to the manufacturer's specifications.

Of course, the utmost care is taken to protect the surrounding area from paint. Our crew cleans the work area at the end of every day and the staging area is kept neat and organized-which helps us do a better job.

At the completion of a project, we'll walk around your house with you so you can inspect our work and ask any questions.

Wiggins Painting painted the outside of our home . . it was a major job since the home had been inadequately maintained prior to our ownership.

Not only was the work performed professionally and on time, the cleanliness, courtesy and attention to detail were exemplary.

John & Mary - Camas, WA

All work done by Wiggins employees

House painting prep work

As a Vancouver homeowner, you should be concerned with the people who will be doing the work at your house. When you hire Wiggins, you can be assured that all work is going to be done by our own employees.

We never sub-contract out and all employees have been trained by the owner himself. In addition, the owner conducts on-site visits to keep quality control at the highest level.