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Wiggins Painting is a locally owned painting company specializing in residential painting for Portland Oregon. As a full service house painter, we not only offer exterior house painting and trim work; we also do deck restorations and power washing. If you’re looking for one company to paint your house and refinish your deck-Wiggins is the one to call.

Full Service Residential Painting

Whether your home is a ranch or a 2-story located in a historical district, our staff has the skill and expertise to do the job as all work is done by employees who have been with the company for years. From helping you select the perfect color scheme for your house and trim to protecting your landscaping while we work to the final clean-up, our painters do everything they can to make the process easy and trouble-free for you.

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Each estimate is a written, detailed quote listing both materials and labor for your painting project. All our painting quotes are itemized so you can see exactly what your project will cost. This practice essentially guarantees your job will be completed for the price quoted.

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A home painter that won’t cut corners on your Portland house

Living in the Pacific northwest, you know the weather is hard on paint and that’s why it’s so important to hire a painting company that does all the necessary prep work so the paint job will last.

If you’ve gotten estimates from several companies and wondered why some were much lower than others, it might be that they are cutting corners when doing the work.

At Wiggins, we know a great exterior paint job starts with preparing all surfaces for the paint

Here’s what we do to ensure a quality job that will last.

  • Clean all surfaces
  • Remove all loose and peeling paint
  • Sand any rough areas for a smooth paint job
  • Repair any cracks or holes
  • Use high quality primer on any bare wood

In addition, we cover and protect the flowers, plants and shrubs in the landscaping around your house as well as cover anything that’s not to be painted (doors and windows). As with all our paint jobs, we keep our work area tidy and always clean up at the end of the day so that we cause you as little trouble as possible.

All paint used is of the highest quality and is always applied according to the manufacturer’s specifications for the best result. Any trim is done with great attention to detail as we know well-done trim work accentuates the entire house.

Once done, cleanup is fast so that you can start enjoying your newly painted home.

Wiggins employees do all the work

To keep quality at the highest possible level, only Wiggins staff will be working on your painting project. We want our customers to know that we never use sub-contractors and all employees are trained by the owner himself.

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Driveway hydr-scrub special

FREE driveway and sidewalk hydro-scrub with exterior painting. You save $125.00!

To qualify, you must call and ask for the hydro-scrub special or fill out our contact form

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Want a more durable paint job?

2-coat house painting is the answer.

We developed our special 2-coat house painting method especially for the Pacific NW. When you invest in house painting, you want the job to last as long as possible and that’s where our 2-coat system delivers.

When other house painters put on a double coat, they use the same color whereas Wiggins uses a contrasting color. Why? It takes more paint to cover a contrasting color so we can be sure each coat of paint is of the same thickness. When using the same color for both, the 2nd coat uses a lot less paint and therefore, is a much thinner coat.

It’s not rocket science. Thicker coats of paint are more durable and will last longer. Contact us today and ask about our FREE driveway and sidewalk hydro-scrub special with exterior painting.

More Than Painting...

Our deck restore services include cleaning and staining

Wiggins Painting - Vancouver House Painting

When painting your home, don’t forget about your deck. It’s a perfect time to restore your deck and our services start by cleaning your deck and giving it a good pressure washing to remove the grime and mildew that builds up during our rainy season.

If there’s any repairs that need to be done, such as warped boards or broken railing, we’ll complete the repairs before moving on to the next step.

“They did an excellent job with not only the painting, but with the repairs that were needed around the house before the painting could be done.

The crew was fantastic, friendly and fast and we would recommend Wiggins Painting for any painting projects. Thanks to Wiggins, our 100+ year old house looks bright and new again!”

Josie B.

After the cleaning

Once it’s clean, we can restore and refinish it with a clear, semi-transparent or solid stain to match your newly painted house. Many homeowners say their deck looks almost ‘like new’ when we’re done with it.

Since your deck is open to the elements, we can give you recommendations for maintaining it or offer a yearly cleaning and check-up to keep your deck looking better longer.